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An imposter in the White House? Investigative findings suggest new Joe Biden is not the original

Facial recognition software reveals with above 99% probability that the current president is an imposter,…

‘Patriot Front’ group called out as federal agents after arriving at rally in a U-Haul

False flag warning: State and local leaders demand answers as controversial 'Patriot Front' group faces…

Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao claims FBI targeting as part of broader right-wing conspiracy

Oakland mayor claims federal raid is politically motivated; alleges political persecution amidst federal investigation

Wisconsin Supreme Court approves unattended drop boxes for 2024 election: Ensuring security or inviting fraud?

With the Wisconsin Supreme Court's decision to allow unattended drop boxes for the 2024 election,…

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EU justifies Antifa’s hammer attacks in Hungary, labeling violence as pro-democracy

The European Union's controversial stance on Antifa’s violent actions in Hungary, described as necessary measures to combat rising fascism, has…

American-managed volunteer force accused of war crimes in Ukraine: NYT report

Volunteer fighters allegedly involved in civilian killings and misconduct, raising questions about oversight and accountability in the war-torn region

Kenya in flames: Police open fire on protesters amid parliament inferno

Enough is enough: Protestors rage against Eco Levi and tax hikes as government buildings burn to the ground

Tragedy at Hajj: Over 1,000 pilgrims die in Saudi Arabia amid record-breaking heatwave

Oven-like conditions in Mecca cause tragic loss of life during Hajj pilgrimage, with over 1,000 deaths reported amidst unbearable heat

American forces shadow Russian submarine close to East Coast

Heightened military monitoring follows the movement of a significant Russian naval presence towards the south

Ukrainian drone swarms devastate four Russian refineries in unprecedented attack

Four Russian refineries hit in largest drone strike since war's onset, escalating tensions

Vietnam hit by major internet disruption due to undersea cable failures

Internet catastrophe looms as Vietnam grapples with multiple undersea cable failures

U.S. authorities arrest 8 men linked to ISIS terror network

Federal agents have arrested eight individuals suspected of supporting ISIS, raising concerns about potential domestic security threats and sleeper cells