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An imposter in the White House? Investigative findings suggest new Joe Biden is not the original

Facial recognition software reveals with above 99% probability that the current president is an imposter,…

‘Patriot Front’ group called out as federal agents after arriving at rally in a U-Haul

False flag warning: State and local leaders demand answers as controversial 'Patriot Front' group faces…

Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao claims FBI targeting as part of broader right-wing conspiracy

Oakland mayor claims federal raid is politically motivated; alleges political persecution amidst federal investigation

Wisconsin Supreme Court approves unattended drop boxes for 2024 election: Ensuring security or inviting fraud?

With the Wisconsin Supreme Court's decision to allow unattended drop boxes for the 2024 election,…

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Bird flu spreads among Colorado poultry workers: Is a new pandemic on the horizon?

Avian nightmare: Unexpected human infections spark alarm and renew focus on zoonotic disease surveillance

Earth faces potential imminent catastrophe: Four asteroids on collision course in 2024

European Space Agency warns of potential impact. Humanity's future hangs in the balance.

Revolutionary HIV breakthrough: Two-time-a-year injection offers women immunity

Medical marvel: New HIV injection provides semi-annual immunity, marking a major leap in women's health

Catastrophic bird flu outbreak: Colorado poultry farm to cull 1.8 million chickens

Devastating impact on poultry industry as authorities scramble to contain the deadly avian virus

Dengue fever outbreak in New Jersey: 41 travelers infected as mosquito-borne menace spreads

Fear the bite: CDC issues urgent warning as New Jersey faces growing threat from deadly mosquitoes

Earth’s core reversal has indisputably shocked scientists and raised urgent concerns–pole shift now a real possibility

New studies reveal that Earth's inner core has stopped and reversed its spin. This seismic shift could have far-reaching effects…

CIA unveils top-secret ‘Adam and Eve Story’: Uncovering Earth’s apocalyptic past and future

Declassified documents reveal shocking theories of catastrophic events that could wipe out humanity

Authorities brace for catastrophic outbreak: Bird flu summit heralds the next deadly pandemic

As global health leaders converge, the world holds its breath for the looming avian influenza disaster