Ukrainian drone swarms devastate four Russian refineries in unprecedented attack

Four Russian refineries hit in largest drone strike since war's onset, escalating tensions

By Shepard Ambellas 1 Min Read


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Senator Josh Hawley launches on-scene investigation into Trump rally security failures at Butler Farm Show

Hawley takes matters into his own hands, unveiling alarming lapses in Secret Service protocols. Hawley demands answers from on the ground.

By Shepard Ambellas 3 Min Read

Hellish apocalyptic heatwave: Persian Gulf faces life-threatening ‘feels like’ 150-degree temperatures

The Persian Gulf region is experiencing a deadly heatwave, with temperatures skyrocketing to a searing 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Experts say this extreme weather event is just the start of catastrophic…

By Sienna Parker 8 Min Read

Iconic American Flag at Trump’s assassination attempt was a windage indicator for snipers

Snipers at the rally took advantage of the flag hanging above the former US President, raising eyebrows of insider involvement

By Avery Sterling 7 Min Read

Senator Hawley exposes deep state set-up at Trump rally: Secret Service used DHS fill-ins; CIA placed agents?

Whistleblowers reveal alarming security breaches at the July 13 rally for former President Trump. Majority of DHS officials were untrained temporary fill-ins, compromising critical event protocols.

By Shepard Ambellas 5 Min Read

FBI Assistant ITO Director Janeen DiGuiseppi linked to Trump shooter signaling claims? Online sleuths unveil shocking allegations

In a startling turn of events, online investigators think they have identified the woman accused of signaling a shooter targeting Donald Trump as none other than Janeen DiGuiseppi, Assistant Director…

By Shepard Ambellas 4 Min Read

More than 100 flights canceled, 300 delayed worldwide in unprecedented tech meltdown

A global IT outage has caused unprecedented chaos for travelers, leading to the cancellation of over 100 flights and delaying 300 more. The disruption has left thousands of passengers stranded…

By Nova Donovan 5 Min Read

Citizen journalist arrested after uncovering military drill in St. Louis

In an alarming turn of events, a citizen journalist was apprehended in St. Louis after inadvertently stumbling upon a secretive military disaster drill. The incident has raised eyebrows and questions…

By Shepard Ambellas 2 Min Read

CIA ordered Secret Service stand down during Trump assassination attempt: A deep state betrayal

In a shocking twist, evidence points to the CIA orchestrating the stand-down order during the attempt on Donald Trump's life. The truth reveals a dark web of treachery within the…

By Nova Donovan 6 Min Read

Joe Rogan: So much about the Trump shooting “seems fake”

Joe Rogan casts doubt on the Pennsylvania Trump Rally incident, likening the Secret Service's actions to a "comedy of errors." Echoing Alex Jones's Sandy Hook comments, Rogan suggests the event…

By Nova Donovan 1 Min Read

Trump assassination plot unraveled: Shepard Ambellas reveals exact multiple shooter positions, trajectories

Ambellas triangulates the shooters' exact locations and shot paths through meticulous analysis and venue mapping. Footage reveals the precision of the coordinated attack as a single projectile's course is traced…

By Nova Donovan 4 Min Read

Drake’s Toronto mansion submerged in extreme flooding: Abrupt climate change ravages elite neighborhoods

Billionaire rapper's luxurious estate turns into watery nightmare. Sudden deluge engulfs iconic property amid unprecedented storms.

By Shepard Ambellas 3 Min Read

A movie released in 2024 titled “Thine Ears Shall Bleed” is a chilling prophecy fulfilled in Pennsylvania

Coincidence or Curse? The release of the provocative film "Thine Ears Shall Bleed" eerily precedes a shocking incident at a political rally

By Nova Donovan 2 Min Read

Why Trump’s assassin missed his head: Insights from sniper Nicholas Irving

Renowned sniper Nicholas Irving reveals the critical mistakes that led to the failed attempt on Trump's life. Expert analysis shows how minor errors can have monumental consequences.

By Nova Donovan 1 Min Read

Secret Service agent suffered unreported through-and-through gunshot wound, graze, at farm rally?

A bullet might have struck a Secret Service agent as a gunman attempted to assassinate former President Donald Trump, and the incident has gone unreported

By Avery Sterling 1 Min Read

Imminent warning of Nashville Dam failure: Mass evacuation underway

Authorities scramble to evacuate Nashville, Illinois, as the catastrophic collapse of the dam threatens thousands of lives. Despite early warnings, the dam failure has taken the community by shock.

By Sienna Parker 4 Min Read
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