Sqauk Media Kit

About Sqauk

Welcome to Sqauk, our premier platform for reaching an engaged audience. We offer various advertising options and customized packages to meet your needs. Sqauk publishes over 250 exclusive reports monthly (about 3,000 yearly), making us the perfect partner to enhance your brand’s visibility and engagement. We are proud to provide various advertising solutions, including display banner ads, text ads, and audio ad spots on our top-ranked podcast, the Shepard Ambellas Show.

Our Audience

  • Demographics: Primarily, news, nature, health, wellness, political and tech enthusiasts, business professionals, investors, and truth seekers.
  • Engagement: High interaction rates with content, leading to effective ad performance.
  • Reach: Hundreds of thousands of impressions per month.


Advertising Opportunities

1. Display Banner Ads

  • Above-the-Fold Placements: Maximize visibility with prime locations at the top of the page.
  • Lower-Half Placements: Cost-effective options that still deliver high engagement.
  • Formats: Static and dynamic banners in multiple sizes to suit your campaign needs.

2. Text Ads

  • In-Content Ads: Seamlessly integrated within articles for a natural, engaging experience.
  • Sidebar Ads: Consistent visibility as readers navigate through content.

3. Podcast Spots and Commercials

  • The Shepard Ambellas Show: Ranked #100 on Apple Podcasts charts.
  • Ad Spots: Short, impactful mentions during episodes.
  • Commercials: Longer, more detailed advertisements embedded within the show.


Advertising Packages

1. Budget Package – $299/month

  • Display Banner Ads: 10,000 impressions, lower-half placement.
  • Text Ads: 5,000 impressions.
  • Podcast Spots: 1 ad spot per show.

2. Standard Package – $599/month

  • Display Banner Ads: 25,000 impressions, mixed placements.
  • Text Ads: 10,000 impressions.
  • Podcast Spots: 2 ad spots per show.
  • Podcast Plugs: 2 plugs per show.

3. Premium Package – $999/month

  • Display Banner Ads: 50,000 impressions, above-the-fold placement.
  • Text Ads: 20,000 impressions.
  • Podcast Commercials: 3 commercials per show.
  • Podcast Plugs: 3 plugs per show.


Special Offers

Save 15%: Sign up for a 120-day term and save 15% on any advertising package. This offer is designed to give you sustained exposure and maximum impact over an extended period.

Pay-Per-Click: Flat rate pay-per-click ads are $1.00 per click.


Contact Us

Ready to take your brand to the next level? Contact our advertising team to learn how Sqauk can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Join us at Sqauk and connect with an audience that matters. Let’s elevate your brand together!

To inquire about advertising packages and deals, please email Shepard Ambellas at me@shepardambellas.com.