Nova Donovan

With a background in computer science and a passion for astrophysics, Nova brings a unique perspective to journalism.
Sqauk, Journalist
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More than 100 flights canceled, 300 delayed worldwide in unprecedented tech meltdown

A global IT outage has caused unprecedented chaos for travelers, leading to the cancellation of over 100 flights…

CIA ordered Secret Service stand down during Trump assassination attempt: A deep state betrayal

In a shocking twist, evidence points to the CIA orchestrating the stand-down order during the attempt on Donald…

Joe Rogan: So much about the Trump shooting “seems fake”

Joe Rogan casts doubt on the Pennsylvania Trump Rally incident, likening the Secret Service's actions to a "comedy…

Trump assassination plot unraveled: Shepard Ambellas reveals exact multiple shooter positions, trajectories

Ambellas triangulates the shooters' exact locations and shot paths through meticulous analysis and venue mapping. Footage reveals the…

A movie released in 2024 titled “Thine Ears Shall Bleed” is a chilling prophecy fulfilled in Pennsylvania

Coincidence or Curse? The release of the provocative film "Thine Ears Shall Bleed" eerily precedes a shocking incident…

Why Trump’s assassin missed his head: Insights from sniper Nicholas Irving

Renowned sniper Nicholas Irving reveals the critical mistakes that led to the failed attempt on Trump's life. Expert…

Eyewitness inside Trump rally venue during shooting tells all: Shocking details suggest multiple shooters

Eyewitness details shocking events and the reality of the attack. The account suggests a complex and coordinated effort,…

Establishment’s deception unraveled: Iconic Trump photo with bullet doctored, exposing media manipulation?

Pulitzer-winning photographer's image of a bullet near Trump's head raises alarm: Background and sky details cast doubt on…

Secret Service diversity push fails: Female agents fumble to protect Trump at Pennsylvania rally

U.S. Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle’s mandate for 30% diversity hires and the failure of the female agents…

Authorities discover bomb-making materials in alleged Trump shooter’s home and car

Authorities uncover explosive arsenal just miles from Trump rally. Investigation reveals detailed plans for devastating attacks.

Bird flu spreads among Colorado poultry workers: Is a new pandemic on the horizon?

Avian nightmare: Unexpected human infections spark alarm and renew focus on zoonotic disease surveillance

Hitler’s automotive legacy: The dark history of the Volkswagen Beetle

Unveiling the controversial roots of the world-famous car that emerged from Nazi ambitions

Revolutionary HIV breakthrough: Two-time-a-year injection offers women immunity

Medical marvel: New HIV injection provides semi-annual immunity, marking a major leap in women's health

The timeless majesty of Château du Lude: Unraveling centuries of history and grandeur

Discover the enchanting legacy of one of France's last great Loire Valley châteaux: A fortress turned fairy tale…

Fish out of water: Mumbai’s railway tracks teem with aquatic life after torrential rains

Commuters at Andheri Station witness an unusual sight as fish flood the tracks following heavy monsoon showers