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An imposter in the White House? Investigative findings suggest new Joe Biden is not the original

Facial recognition software reveals with above 99% probability that the current president is an imposter,…

‘Patriot Front’ group called out as federal agents after arriving at rally in a U-Haul

False flag warning: State and local leaders demand answers as controversial 'Patriot Front' group faces…

Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao claims FBI targeting as part of broader right-wing conspiracy

Oakland mayor claims federal raid is politically motivated; alleges political persecution amidst federal investigation

Wisconsin Supreme Court approves unattended drop boxes for 2024 election: Ensuring security or inviting fraud?

With the Wisconsin Supreme Court's decision to allow unattended drop boxes for the 2024 election,…

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Hellish apocalyptic heatwave: Persian Gulf faces life-threatening ‘feels like’ 150-degree temperatures

The Persian Gulf region is experiencing a deadly heatwave, with temperatures skyrocketing to a searing 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Experts say…

Drake’s Toronto mansion submerged in extreme flooding: Abrupt climate change ravages elite neighborhoods

Billionaire rapper's luxurious estate turns into watery nightmare. Sudden deluge engulfs iconic property amid unprecedented storms.

Pohoda Festival concertgoers caught off guard by severe weather

The Pohoda Festival in Slovakia was abruptly halted as extreme weather swept through, leaving twelve attendees injured. The event's unexpected…

Catastrophic flash floods send house floating down street in Ruidoso

Terrifying sight: Homeowners witness entire house swept away by floodwaters amidst growing climate crisis

Fish out of water: Mumbai’s railway tracks teem with aquatic life after torrential rains

Commuters at Andheri Station witness an unusual sight as fish flood the tracks following heavy monsoon showers

Tornado terror in New York: Unprecedented twister tears up Arkwright Town

In a rare meteorological event, a powerful tornado tore through Arkwright Town, New York, leaving a trail of destruction and…

Texas in turmoil: Hurricane Beryl leaves over 2.6 million powerless amid sweltering heat dome

'We are left in the dark and the heat – how will we survive?' Texas residents panic after realizing the…

Scorching heatwave: Southwest U.S. on the brink of unimaginable 135-degree temperatures

Record-breaking heatwave sparks urgent calls for action amid fears of unlivable conditions in the Southwest