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An imposter in the White House? Investigative findings suggest new Joe Biden is not the original

Facial recognition software reveals with above 99% probability that the current president is an imposter,…

‘Patriot Front’ group called out as federal agents after arriving at rally in a U-Haul

False flag warning: State and local leaders demand answers as controversial 'Patriot Front' group faces…

Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao claims FBI targeting as part of broader right-wing conspiracy

Oakland mayor claims federal raid is politically motivated; alleges political persecution amidst federal investigation

Wisconsin Supreme Court approves unattended drop boxes for 2024 election: Ensuring security or inviting fraud?

With the Wisconsin Supreme Court's decision to allow unattended drop boxes for the 2024 election,…

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More than 100 flights canceled, 300 delayed worldwide in unprecedented tech meltdown

A global IT outage has caused unprecedented chaos for travelers, leading to the cancellation of over 100 flights and delaying…

Hitler’s automotive legacy: The dark history of the Volkswagen Beetle

Unveiling the controversial roots of the world-famous car that emerged from Nazi ambitions

Unleashing the beast: Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut edges closer to reality at a staggering 311 mph

Redefining the limits of automotive speed and design, the Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut emerges as a revolutionary supercar, promising a heart-stopping…

Ray-Ban Meta Glasses: The next big thing in social media

BTS's Jungkook sparks Viral trend with new Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, revolutionizing content creation on TikTok

Artificial intelligence forecasts 2060 will be the year AI declares war on humanity

As AI advances towards sentience, experts warn of a possible catastrophic conflict by mid-century

Tesla’s gigantic graveyards visible from space: A glimpse into the growing environmental concern

Decommissioned electric cars accumulate in massive junkyards, raising questions about sustainable disposal practices

Mandatory ID submission for X users to Israeli intelligence-linked firm sparks global outrage

Elon Musk now demands that all paid X users disclose personal ID details to a corporation linked to Israeli intelligence,…

SpaceX aims for the stars: Building one Starship megarocket per day with cutting-edge Starfactory

SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, plans to build a new facility to accelerate Starship production for space travel to Mars…