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An imposter in the White House? Investigative findings suggest new Joe Biden is not the original

Facial recognition software reveals with above 99% probability that the current president is an imposter,…

‘Patriot Front’ group called out as federal agents after arriving at rally in a U-Haul

False flag warning: State and local leaders demand answers as controversial 'Patriot Front' group faces…

Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao claims FBI targeting as part of broader right-wing conspiracy

Oakland mayor claims federal raid is politically motivated; alleges political persecution amidst federal investigation

Wisconsin Supreme Court approves unattended drop boxes for 2024 election: Ensuring security or inviting fraud?

With the Wisconsin Supreme Court's decision to allow unattended drop boxes for the 2024 election,…

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Terrifying discovery: FAA uncovers counterfeit titanium parts in Boeing and Airbus jets

FAA investigation exposes counterfeit components in commercial aircraft, sparking urgent safety reviews and widespread travel concerns

Tragedy in the skies: Boeing 777 erupts in flames mid-flight over Canada

Terrifying mid-air blaze raises alarming questions about aircraft safety as passengers brace for the worst

Navigating safety: 5 US cities with alarming crime rates

Darkness descends: The sinister surge of crime in America's urban heartbeat

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says turbulence will get worse with climate change

Riding the turbulent skies: How climate change is shaking up air travel safety and comfort

Sailing the Sea of Cortez: A comprehensive guide of spectacular islands and moorings

Exploring the hidden jewels of the Sea of Cortez: A sailor's guide to idyllic anchorages, moorings, and island retreats

Bad news for Boeing, as 777 fleet faces fuel tank explosion risk

Aviation alert: Boeing 777s grounded amidst explosive revelations - safety of millions hangs in the balance

Vacationing in Rocky Point, Mexico: A guide to activities, dining, and the Free Zone

Embracing the vibrant rhythms of the sea: Unveiling Rocky Point's treasures for the ultimate mexican escape

Baja bound: Adventure and serenity on Mexico’s pristine peninsula

Unveiling the charms of Baja: A surfer's paradise and a traveler's dream in Mexico's untamed wilderness